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Several of these problems could call for a dose change or you might not have the ability to take this medicine at all.

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is a prescribed medication manufactured by Pfizer.

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Always ensure you report to your doctor any adverse effects that appear to be severe, such as breast pain, uneven heartbeat, vision adjustments, unexpected vision reduction, unusual puffinessing in the limbs, supplanting your ears, and lack of breath.

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If you are utilizing cimetidine, seizure medicines, efavirenz, rifampin, high blood stress medicines, anticoagulants, other erectile dysfunction procedure drugs, rifabutin, barbiturates, amlodipine, antifungals, 'beta' blockers, alpha blockers, HIV protease inhibitors, or erythromycin, it's vital that your health treatment provider would be alerted to readjust your dose if necessary.